The Meantime


A student-owned and -operated coffee shop serving ethically sourced coffee and local products so that the local community and UNC students alike can consume more responsibly. The Meantime will reinvest residual profits into student grants and will also offer professional development for its employees, as well as, funding a physical space for other student-led food ventures.


We identified three problems on UNC’s campus: 1) We believe that students should have the ability to positively impact other students. There is always a demand for funding on UNC’s campus, but there is a limited opportunity for students to drive funding for other students. 2) Right now the majority of outlets on campus are owned and operated by large corporations that don’t provide students with high level business experience despite UNC’s focus on entrepreneurship and experiential education. 3) There are few opportunities to consume at UNC and know that your money is going back into UNC. Most on-campus enterprises take profit from UNC and its students since these businesses are owned by large corporations. We believe that especially as a public university, this needs to change.


The Meantime is a student run, non-profit coffee shop that will bring the UNC community together through great coffee with a three pronged social impact strategy. 1) As an entirely student-run enterprise, The Meantime’s student employees gain hands-on experience in fields such as strategic development, accounting, marketing and operations, opportunities not currently offered to students by other on campus enterprises. 2) All profits are reinvested in students through scholarships and grants. There is always a demand for funding on UNCs campus, and we want to give students the ability to empower other students by meeting this demand. 3) We support other student food ventures and local businesses by providing a sales platform on campus. We will sell baked goods from Made With Love Bakery, a transitional employment bakery founded by a UNC alum. We will sell Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee, a roastery dedicated to direct trade, mutually beneficial partnerships with small scale coffee farmers.

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