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Greenbus is a mobile produce market committed to fighting food insecurity and poor nutrition in the low income communities of Durham, NC.


There are currently eleven labeled food deserts in the East Durham area of North Carolina where families are without reliable access to grocery stores and supermarkets. For this reason, families in these food deserts rely on corner stores and gas stations for the food they use to prepare their daily meals. Highly caloric, sugary and generally unhealthy food-filled diets are linked with numerous health problems including depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and much more. This not only increases their health care costs, but diminishes their overall well-being. With no clear solution in sight, food deserts continue to see more and more negative effects spread across the community.


GreenBus seeks to fight the ongoing problem of food insecurity and inequality in the Durham region in the form of a mobile produce market. We are committed to providing not only a dependable source of low cost produce, but also health education programming to emphasize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The GreenBus is not the entire solution, but its presence will be a part of a movement towards a more equitable and healthful Durham.

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