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Native South Creamery

Native South Creamery aims to transform the physical and economic landscape of Eastern North Carolina by connecting local farmers to their urban neighbors through novel milk alternatives.


Every purchase of a non-dairy alternative that is not local comes with a large carbon footprint. As more Americans discover allergies and intolerances to dairy, the demand for alternatives to milk and dairy product grows. While soy milk and almond milk are popular alternatives, both carry health and nutritional concerns.Farmers in Eastern North Carolina are struggling economically as they transition from tobacco-based livelihoods. Eastern North Carolina’s climate and soil are well suited to pecan forestry, which is increasingly profitable and more environmentally sustainable than the row crops and hog farming often pursued as tobacco-alternatives.


Native South Creamery will launch the first line of dairy-free milk alternatives for the Southeast, all locally produced, locally sourced, and locally sold. It will support North Carolina’s growing pecan industry by acting as a large and consistent purchaser, and by sponsoring small-scale agroforestry projects at homes and schools.


“Coffee and milk go hand in hand. At the café, we strive to accommodate dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices so we’ve carried soy milk for quite some time and recently began offering almond milk. When Rachel approached us about her pecan milk, we were immediately curious, and we weren’t disappointed. The product is uniquely delicious, holds the integrity of the pecans, and yet blends beautifully with our espresso (supplied to us by Counter Culture). Even from a purely aesthetic angle, it’s great – the way it steams visually aligns with what a cappuccino or a latte should look like. And I’ve got to mention, we love that it’s local. We take pride in our coffee being roasted in Durham, our pastries being supplied from all over the Triangle, our food options being delivered directly from within Chapel Hill. Her pecan milk fits right in with what we strive to offer – local, ethical, and delicious.” ~ Lauren Wilson, Daily Grind Espresso Café

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