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SUCCEED is the nation’s first nonprofit to provide teachers access to the equipment they need to improve science education – at no cost to schools.


The U.S. lags far behind in STEM education, ranking 17th in science among developed nations. In NC, only 1 in 5 eighth graders are proficient in science.

Schools rely heavily on antiquated educational techniques – namely, the use of textbooks or verbose slideshows and handouts – to teach students the sciences. Not surprisingly, many students find these methods of instruction to be boring and not engaging. Most students would much prefer to learn through hands-on methods of instruction, including experimentation and active demonstrations. Unfortunately, hands-on experiments can be expensive for schools, can require more effort on the part of the teachers, and can even pose safety risks if not conducted appropriately. Thus, schools tend to opt for the more traditional methods of instruction.


We positively impact hundreds of students by allowing them the opportunity to experience science in an interactive way. SUCCEED offers cost-effective STEM education in NC public schools leveraging surplus materials, equipment, and instruments donated by local biotech companies and universities. The organization plans to expand throughout the nation, providing science equipment to middle and high schools within their local communities.


Not only is it going to benefit these students when they enter college where the science classes will be more intense but also, for the future, whether they become science majors or not, they need to have the skills and understanding for being able to work out in public and for concerns regarding the environment, to become knowledgeable scientific citizens. I help out with high schools and middle schools and I see the lack of supplies and equipment in the classroom in science classes. Students learn through traditional methods of instruction but I just think that is not the way to go. Students get excited when they get to work together and get to participate in hands-on learning.

It’s great that I can, instead of throwing it away, I can find another way to use it. Having middle schools and high schools use the organisms and the equipment that we have available is the best way to use these materials.” ~ Barbara Stegenga, Teaching Lab Supervisor, UNC Biology Department


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