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The Sonder Market


A student run local food cooperative that provides local, affordable, and healthy produce and value added goods to UNC students, faculty, and staff.


The Sonder Market’s primary mission is to address the issue of food insecurity among UNC students and staff as well as the surrounding community. UNC’s campus is defined by the USDA as a food desert, meaning that at least 33% of the campus population resides at least 1 mile from a super market or grocery store. Most students do not have access to cars in order to drive to the limited selection of grocery stores in the area. Additionally, many of these grocery stores set price points above a student budget. As a result, UNC students and other community members settle for often unhealthy on-campus dining options or fast food from surrounding restaurants and convenience stores. Limited access to healthy, fresh, and affordable food leads to a campus full of unhealthy students.


The Sonder Market sells fresh, locally-sourced produce directly on campus to combat food insecurity in the Chapel Hill community. Operating from a mobile cart located outside of the Student Union, The Sonder Market is stationed at the heart of UNC in order to conveniently serve students, faculty, and staff. Not only do we bring fresh food to the UNC community, but we make it affordable as well. Through partnerships with local farms and agriculture groups such as Farmer Foodshare, The Sonder Market is able to sell students high quality produce below grocery store prices. In addition to selling a variety of healthy and local foods, The Sonder Market supports food security and education through regular workshops and cooking courses. We want to teach students how they can prepare healthy meals in their dorm rooms and off-campus housing. This year, The Sonder Market plans to expand selling locations and hours as well as offer a variety of new educational workshops for all members of the UNC and Chapel Hill community.


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